Social Responsibility

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As to maintain our Company’s Sustainability for the surrounding, we are eager to promote social services as our Corporate Social Responsibilities measures for a better welfare for our stakeholders. Sustainability through Social Services is a crucial part, and we do aware to keep on innovating as to engage more to the society.

Many companies believes that CSR is an integral part of their brand image, believing that customers will be more likely to engage with brands that they seem to be more ethical. In this sense, CSR actions can be a significant factor of corporate public relations. However, we believe that our company is driven by our Stakeholders as we have the Responsibilities to give back to them. These are some activities that we have executed throughout the years of operation from PT. Rayon Utama Makmur.

Workforce Welfare

Workforce Welfare is one of our main priorities as we have prepare plenty of facilities within our manufacturing site. We are strongly believed and keep in our consideration to promote welfare towards our team aswell.


As we prepared our own in house Canteen for our team to have lunch within our manufacturing site as to help them reducing their transportation expenses. Furthermore, we do give support to partially to their food expenses.


We are aware that in manufacturing site, there are high risk in accidents from happening and we have prepared clinic to provide first kit to our workforce, in case if any accident may happen in the future for our internal precaution.


Religion is one of the things that people may hold, including our workforce. We are aware that in our Country, Muslims is one of the religions that most people in Indonesia hold, and this is their duty to give prayer routinely.